In The Middle of the Night

Le Wed 19 April 2017 Par Kory Sheedy  | Cat├ęgorie : misc

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We might get surprised one day that there is something that is living among us in our house and holds the key to know who is the culprit.


We might not get to sleep well at night because we might be hearing scratches and we might be thinking that there is really someone out there. Then, we crept out of bed, heading to the corner of the house where the noise is coming from, you can hear that it is getting louder and louder and it stopped. You looked around but there is no light, only darkness. Next, you reached for the light switch that you well know is just at the left side of the door. And, you felt something. Something hairy that it sends you flying across the room and letting out a scream.


Only then, you knew that you are already infested with rats. We never have the slightest idea how it came about. Then, you remember you have left the garbage can wide open with lots of left over in it. Then, no questions asked. It is confirmed that with this little negligence, it could bring us a lot of trouble. Then, it is time to call for pest busters!