Latest solutions and modern tools for your electrical needs.

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Juice - electricians Christchurch  has the latest solutions and modern tools and equipment just right for your electrical needs. Our company is dedicated to provide the best solution to issues in Electrical, Solar and heating system. Our customers whether residential, industrial or commercial buildings and offices receive after-sale maintenance and warranty.

Our team of professionals work with high level of efficiency and trustworthiness. They receive constant retraining and cross training to level up their skill and experiences in handing diverse electrical issues. Apart from that, we have a stack of experienced staffs who impart knowledge and technique to our other members to ensure that everyone in the team knows how to handle different tasks.

We provide services such as Power factor correction (PFC) Power factor correction (PFC) is a latest technology used in the computer’s power supplies. PFC is provided to the circuits that include induction motors. This is the means of reducing the inductive component of the current in the computer. The result is that it reduces the losses in the supply. It has no effect what so ever on the motor operation itself.

Since we constantly retrain and cross train, we are better equipped in trouble shooting any faulty Electrical system.